Ways a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Can Improve Your Daily Life

Jul 26, 2019 | News

Learn the benefits of this innovative technology and see if a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid might be right for you.

People living with hearing loss can enjoy better and better quality of life thanks to constantly evolving technologies. The latest revelation has been Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids that can connect to other tech in the house, such as phones, radios, and televisions. Bluetooth hearing aids can cut out “middlemen” such as Bluetooth boxes that connect to technology, sending sounds directly to the user’s hearing aids. Learn the benefits of this innovative technology and see if a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid might be right for you.

What Can a Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aid Do?

One of the most promising new features for today’s hearing aids include integrated Bluetooth technology, which allows users to clearly hear sounds from any other enabled device in the house, including your television and your smartphone.

Bluetooth devices have the distinct advantage of providing a seamless experience and allowing users to hear telephone calls, television programs, and music more efficiently. However, Bluetooth enabled devices have another notable benefit – they’re more effective when it comes to battery life. Recharging or replacing hearing aid batteries can present a serious inconvenience to the consumer – but with Bluetooth enabled technology, this becomes less of an issue.

How Do Bluetooth-Enabled Hearing Aids Work?

Simply, a Bluetooth-enabled hearing device will work whenever you’re within range of the small transmitter box. When you are, you’ll be able to hear any enabled device directly in your hearing aid. For example, you can watch your favorite television program without any lags or echoes. If a telephone call comes in, you can choose to answer it and hear your loved one’s voice loud and clear on the other end. There’s no interference and you can enjoy your phone’s other capabilities – such as streaming music or using apps as well.

You can pair multiple devices to your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, which allows you to switch between devices with ease. For example, connect to your tablet to watch a movie, then switch seamlessly over to your smartphone when you want to take an incoming call. Using an app or separate remote control, you can adjust the volume on your hearing aid as you switch from device to device.

Bluetooth-enabled headphones will likely be a standard feature in the near future. The technology allows people to hear better while cutting out the middleman, for a seamless experience. The experts at Victoria Hearing Center can help you decide if a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid is right for you. Ask us about any questions or concerns you might have at your next appointment.