Bay Area Audiology & Hearing Testimonies

Dr. Abbott is the best! She takes time to listen to her patients and put them at ease. I have been going to her for 4 years. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
-Judy Layton

About one month ago, I visited Dr.Abbott at Bay Area Audiology. Through her recommendation I bought a paid of resound one Model RT61-DRWC hearing aids. It can be easily connected to the iPhone through smart apps. I have restaurant and Outdoor programs on my iPhone that I am using to filter noise and improve the quality of sound now whenever I go to a public place such as a restaurant or a meeting room. Additional apps such as TV and Music are also available. In the past 4 weeks, the hearing aids have made a big difference in my daily life.  I just want to mention a couple of things that happened to me.  I went to my granddaughter’s graduation in a big hall. The noise level was almost unbearable.  So, I turned the restaurant mode on and used the “Speech Focus”. Oh, my, the Chancellor’s speech was clear and sharp.  After the ceremony, I went out to the hallway. Again, the noise level was high.  Then, I used the “Noise Filter”. It instantly reduced the surrounding sound greatly. I also had an opportunity to give a lecture in a public place.  I worried the microphone I wore over my face might interfere with the hearing aids or it may amplify my hearing aids input of sound.  But, It didn’t.  How great is the new technology!  The hearing aids indeed greatly improve my quality of life!  Dr Abbott is so knowledgeable in her profession and is so friendly and concerned about her patient’s needs.  I highly recommend her to find a solution for your need for hearing aids.  I am 84 years old.

-Ron S.

Bay Area Audiology and Dr. Abbott were wonderful. I have had experience with other providers of hearing aids. None gave me the level of attention, time and follow up that I got from Dr. Abbott. There was never a wait at all for appointments and Dr. Abbott even came in early one day to accommodate my schedule. The hearing aids are working well and have made a big difference in my daily life. I am so glad that I followed up on my hearing loss now rather than waiting until it got worse, it is so much easier to adjust. I highly recommend Dr. Abbott and Bay Area Audiology.
-Stacey Thomas

If you have trouble hearing please do not wait. I was one of those that was in denial about my hearing. But I can tell you it is life changing. Dr. Abbott at Bay Area Audiology is great. She is kind, polite, and does not make you wait in the lobby for extended time. I have had my hearing aids for over a year now and just went in today for an adjustment and same experience. Wonderful! Don’t wait………..start enjoying your life today! Make an appointment.
-Cecil Simmons

I recently visited Bay Area Audiology and Dr. Chanda Abbott for my first set of hearing aids. It was a great experience. There was never a wait for my appointment. Dr. Abbott is very friendly and knowledgeable. I was totally at ease throughout the entire process, in spite of being in the middle of a pandemic. Although I initially felt I was too young to need hearing aids, after it was determined that I have moderate hearing loss I realized that it would greatly improve my quality of life. And it most definitely has! I highly recommend Bay Area Audiology and Dr. Chanda Abbott.
-Steve and Toni Hlavin

Dr. Abbott provides outstanding service and is very quick and efficient! I highly recommend her because she will find the right solution to help you hear better. Also, the location is so easy to get to and parking is a breeze!
-Derrill Mallett

I highly recommend Dr. Abbott. I got my first set of hearing aids from her about ten years ago and just last month invested in a new set. Dr. Abbott is so kind and friendly and truly interested in her patients. She is not only extremely experienced and knowledgeable, but is totally willing to explain anything and everything about hearing in as much detail as you want. She is always available for quick appointments and kept my older set of hearing aids in good working order over the years by doing minor repairs and adjustments as needed.
-Colleen Mckenna

Dr Abbott is an excellent Audiologist and very responsive on any hearing aid issues. Highly recommend them.
-Michael Berg

Dr Abbott…Bay Area Audiology plus Resound Hearing Aids are life Changing. I recently bought the Resound EQ hearing aids and they have changed my life. No more asking “what” or “huh”..with Resound makes everything crystal clear even with mask on. My hearing before Resound was below 60%..even with my old hearing aids..with Resound its close to 95%. Its been 14 yrs since i did above expectations on hearing Test. I am very happy…Dr Abbott is the best there is.
-Sean Harris