Improving Communication with a Loved One Who Has Untreated Hearing Loss

Jan 28, 2022 | News

Untreated hearing loss affect the social life of a person. We know that hearing aids can improve the listening ability of your loved one with hearing loss. But, did you know that there are other ways to improve communication with them? So, if you or a loved one has a hearing problem, here are some tips to improve communication.


The tips below are especially intended to facilitate dialogue in cases where we talk to people, and we do not know if they have hearing loss, that is, a person with untreated hearing loss.

  • It is advisable to slow down and vocalize more clearly to facilitate understanding but not exaggerate and follow a calm rhythm.
  • If you see that it has not been understood, repeat what you have said, using simple and direct words and avoiding technicalities.
  • When we talk to someone with hearing problems, it is best to always look directly at them to prevent the sound from being diverted and ensure that the message reaches them correctly.
  • If there are more than two people involved in the communication, take turns and indicate who will intervene at each moment.
  • Not eating or smoking while speaking will help the message come through more clearly.
  • Body language can give many clues about what you want to express in a sentence or a conversation. For this reason, it is important to be able to rely on simple gestures.
  • Video calls are a good alternative when it comes to having a conversation at a distance. The interlocutors are usually at home or in spaces where they are not accompanied, which does not make the mask necessary. This allows lip-reading, thus facilitating communication.
  • Eliminating background noise, such as that produced by an appliance, can also improve communication since it avoids interference and minimizes the chances of distortion.
  • In addition, current hearing aid technology allows us to bypass ambient noise thanks to noise suppressors; voices are heard much more clearly.


Evidence shows how hearing loss can lead to situations of self-confinement and limitation of personal relationships, which affect the state of mind and cognitive capacity of the person with the hearing loss. Therefore, encourage your family and friends to follow these tips to minimize the risk of becoming socially isolated by not interacting smoothly with others.


The best is to go to the specialist as soon as the first signs appear that indicate that there may be some hearing difficulty. Consult Bay Area Audiology today for a complete hearing checkup. The specialists at Bay Area Audiology have been providing care to the residents of Webster and its surrounding communities, offering a wide range of possibilities to treat each specific hearing problem and the best quality hearing aids to their clients. Call at (281) 332-4575 or visit their website for more information.