The Challenges Of Not Hearing During The Holidays

Dec 3, 2019 | News

Holidays are a time of festivity and fun. At this time, most of us are getting ready to enjoy the holidays with parties and festivities. There is usually so much going on during the holidays that it sometimes happens that we forget about the less fortunate. Holidays are an especially rough time for those who are unable to hear.
Hearing loss becomes harder to deal with during the holiday season when the rest of the family communicate amongst themselves and make plans. This is especially true when hearing loss has not been treated.
It is normal for a loved one suffering from hearing loss to alienate themselves from the group. However, while this is what they want, it’s important to understand that this could lead to further depression, loneliness, and isolation.


Here are some tips to get your loved one involved in the holiday festivities.

  • Get the disability checked and treated before the holiday season. If it is treatable, then there is a chance that your loved one will be able to hear before the holidays begin.
  • Involve your loved one in conversations. Respect their inability to hear and don’t talk about things you wouldn’t want them to listen to.
  • Make them a part of your holiday plans. You can get them to help in simple ways that do not need much conversing. The idea is to get them involved with the family and put away any feelings of loneliness or depression they might be harboring. Making holiday decorations, taking their children out for a meal, singing songs, or even getting them to cook a special something for the holidays are some ways you can show them you care.
  • When at noisy gatherings, ensure your loved one is seated far away from music systems and speakers, bars, and kitchens. If he/she can hear to some extent, it would make it harder for them to concentrate on a conversation.
  • Some people with hearing problems can read lips, and good lighting will help them read lips better, thereby giving them a chance to take part in conversations.
  • People with hearing problems can focus only on a single conversation at a time. Try to ensure that several people don’t try to speak at once.
  • Gift your loved one hearing aids for the holiday. They will appreciate the gesture.



It is easy for most of us to enjoy the holidays. For our loved one, it is a time when they need us the most to help them get through the holidays.