Ear Eczema and the Use of Hearing Aids

Sep 27, 2021 | News

If you’ve ever had itchy ears, you probably know how annoying it can be. Often benign, this itching can be particularly unpleasant and lead to lesions and infections. It can also be a sign of eczema characterized by the presence of redness that needs immediate treatment.

Ear eczema commonly appears in people who have it elsewhere on their face or body, i.e., it appears as an outbreak of atopic eczema. The second cause of ear eczema is a contact allergy, such as hearing aids, that’s we’re going to discuss through this article. A contact allergy can also be caused by nickel earrings or any specific product, such as shampoo, hair dye, ear drops, etc.

Let’s discuss this further!

Ear Eczema and the Use of Hearing Aids

Eczema causes inflammation of the skin, accompanied by redness and itching in one ear or both. If it persists, it may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain, fever, discharge, fluid from the ear, or hearing loss.

As discussed above, several skin conditions can cause ear eczema:

  • Eczema can occur around the ears or directly into the ear canal. Skin rashes usually accompany the itching (more or less intense). When the lesions appear in the ears (without contact with an allergenic substance), it is called eczematous dermatitis of the ear canal.
  • But if you use hearing aids, this probably could be the reason. Hearing aids are often covered with synthetic material, which can trigger an allergic reaction. Plastic, metal or rubber can also cause skin allergies, so it is better to be sure about what is causing the disease to trigger.

In general, certain hygiene procedures or home care can treat itching in the ear quickly and easily; however, consult your doctor or an ENT in the case of ear eczema, and that is mainly in the case when itching is too intense or accompanied by redness. It always affects the outside of the ear before possibly reaching the ear canal.

It is essential to take good care of your hearing aids. You also need to check that the hearing aids are suitable and clean them regularly. Using a hearing aid can also lead to itching if it is badly positioned. So, if you use hearing aids, consult your hearing health specialist for the right solution.

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