Best Practices in Avoiding Spring Ear Irritants

Apr 1, 2020 | News

Spring is the time of year when things turn green, temperatures rise, and people love to get outside. However, there are great fluctuations in springtime temperatures and weather patterns that can affect our ears and even lead to hearing loss. Consider the following ways you can prepare your ears for spring and get the most out of the season.

Rainy Days

The beauty of spring revolves around flowers breaking free from the frosty soil of winter and trees budding into the lush greenery of summer. All this growth requires a lot of rainwater to quench nature’s thirst. The bad news for those who wear hearing aids is that excess moisture can cause damage to the hearing aid microphone and receiver. To prevent this damage, be sure to use caution on rainy days. Wearing a hat that covers your ears and using an umbrella are great ways to keep the moisture at bay. It is also important to dry both your hands and your ears before you put your hearing aid in your ear.

Spring Pollen

Plants, flowers, and trees are making their emergence from winter dormancy, and pollen levels are at a high. For anyone who suffers from allergies, springtime can be as devastating as it is lovely. The allergic reactions people suffer create additional mucus production, which can clog the inner ear with fluid and wax. This increases pressure in the ears and can cause the eustachian tubes to swell, which makes hearing more difficult. If you suffer seasonal allergies, try antihistamines to manage them. For those who prefer a more holistic approach, a low-sodium diet including lots of fruits and vegetables along with exercise often helps.

The changing climate of spring is usually a welcome one, but it can often wreak havoc on our ears. Changes in barometric pressure make our ears pop and feel uncomfortable. If you add in the rainy weather and increase in allergens in the air, it can really take the fun out of the season. Take proper steps to protect your ears from these factors, and you can enjoy the season to its fullest.